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Here is why assessing your team/organization's workload is essential to your DEI initiative.

The work is never ending, I work from home on a weekend constantly - Too Many to Quote

Assessing the effectiveness of the workload and bandwidth of your team is essential to creating systems of equality in the workplace and should be a priority in your DEI plan. Being intentional about seeing and treating employees and human beings first is necessary for creating a work/life balance that allows your organization or team to operate at its best. Belonging in your organization isn't just about people making people feel accepted at work. An often overlooked but essential component of belonging in the workplace is that each member of your team experiences satisfaction in their role within the organization and feels supported and celebrated as a valued team member. It is vital that every employee feel and know that their contributions are necessary to the success of the organization's mission, vision, and values. No one is there to do a job or be a cog in a wheel- a minor position with a necessary function.

As a society, we have collectively approached jobs and job roles like this, which is a general culture. This new generation is not having it, hence the great resignation, and if we are honest, it didn't work well for most of us. Some people want to go in, do their little work, collect a check and enjoy their life. But for organizations with missions to help humanity and make the world a better place, we have to do much better to be the change we want to create and see.

The intention behind assessing your team's workload isn't so you know their every move, and you can micromanage every minute of their day so that they use every moment on the clock grinding. This is currently how it is often being approached and it is a business centered focus. The intention behind assessing your team's work load with a human centered focus is to ensure that you provide enough time for them to Rest, Grow, Be and Do. When they have time for all of these things, they are at their best; when they are at their best, you will reap their best.

Rest is vital for better mental health, increased concentration and memory, a healthier immune system, reduced stress, improved mood, and improved metabolism. So many benefits, yet we historically do not allow enough of it. We often rush than rest. Think about the culture of your organization or the pace of your workplace. We run from meeting to meeting; we ask that we complete something quickly. We pack so many things in our day. Rushing causes accidents, mistakes, stress, and bad decisions. How often are we promoting rushing instead of rest? We know this, but why do we continue to operate like this? If we take the time to diagnose this problem, we will see that it isn't a lack of time management for the employee, but actually, it is a lack of valuing intentional rest as a part of our work. As a result, you will be more purposeful and productive.

To be your best, you need rest and opportunities to Grow. We need opportunities to explore and better ourselves. There is often a high value on professional development in workplace culture. However, personal development should be valued just as much. Focusing on growing as an individual, whether personally or professionally, builds resilience, strengthens confidence and self-esteem, increases problem-solving skills, and reduces stress. These benefits are passed along in the workplace. Imagine how your organization would change if a growth mindset became a part of the culture.

We are not human doings; we are human beings. We often focus on the do, but what is far more important is who we BE as we Do. Who we are is a declaration of what we want our legacy to be. It is a deep understanding and integration of our mission, vision, and values and how we allow that thing to guide our work and actions with integrity. We can't Be without Doing, and we should never Do without considering our Being. Being intentional with our Doing and only Doing from a place of intention is the heart of looking at your organization or team's workload. Your goal as an organization should be to be the best you can Be and produce a service or product that helps humanity. Being the best version of ourselves is essential to Doing our very best.

As a Systems of Equality advocate, educator, and change agent, I designed this post to provide insight and inspire new thought and action in our work systems. Assessing your team/organization's workload is essential to your DEI initiative. Please reach out for more information and a deeper dive into how this could work within your organization.

Standing In Unity,

Pamela Gray Daniel


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